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Did you see us in the Daily Texan?

Horse Yoga is the New Goat Yoga. Read all about it in this Daily Texan story.

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registration open for summerSummer courses are now open for registration. There are so many possibilities waiting for you. Get creative with an Arts course.

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Registration is now open for next semester at Informal Classes. Stay active in one of our dance classes or have fun learning a new hobby.

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Get inspired at Informal Classes. You can master a computer program, start to write a novel, get on the path to wellness, improve your photography and more. View some of our new summer courses below and visit our website,, to explore all of our courses and to register.

Informal with Jeanette Cunningham

Jeannette CunninghamJeanette Cunningham believes that belly dancing is for every age, every size. Her first rule of belly dance is: If you’re not having fun––don’t do it!

Informal with Jannette Keating

Instructor Jannette KeatingIn "Sculpting with Clay" you can get your hands dirty while discovering the simple joy of turning mud into a beautiful piece of art. If you are anything like me, you will become hooked on working with this responsive, earthy medium. I call it therapy because there is something satisfying in molding clay that brings you down to earth! 

What is "Power Yoga?"

yoga instructor Kari Wilson-Rivasby Informal Classes yoga instructor Kari Wilson-Rivas

Informal with Michael Rubin

Photo of Michael RubinI began playing harmonica just before I turned 16 and I knew it was my thing right away.  It has taken me around the world to perform in all kinds of situations.  It has connected me with countless students who are the joy of my life.  It has led me through my personal search for quality but also pointed out when I should stop taking it all so seriously.

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We offer courses each semester that encourage adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to discover, explore and interact. Topics include music, art, history and more. Explore the seven coming spring courses and sign up today!

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This educational program at The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center teaches adults about the sustainable use and conservation of native wildflowers, plants and landscapes. Spring Gardening & Nature courses are opening for enrollment soon.