Cade Jobe

Cade Jobe is a Certified Cicerone© and Certified Beer Judge (BJCP) in Austin, Texas. He is an award-winning homebrewer, member of the Austin ZEALOTS homebrew club, the American Homebrew Association and the Brülosophy BrüClub. He loves brewing, experimentations in fermentation science, and all things beer. He advanced his craft beer chops from a starter kit (which he got as a gift many moons ago) into a 10-gallon dual-capacity system, and now brews 5-gallon and 10-gallon batches of his favorite lagers, stouts, IPAs, pale ales, porters, Germans, Belgians, English, Americans, New Worlds, and whatever else whets his palate. Cade follows the great Charlie Papazian’s Golden Rule of Homebrewing: “Relax. Don’t worry. Have a homebrew.”

You can follow Cade at @FermentedFedora on Instagram and UnTappd.

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