The Writer's Mind

Understand who you are as a writer by developing craft-specific awareness of the deepest, most personal aspects of the composing process. These "tools of the mind" are often ignored or skipped over as non-essential by students of the writing arts, too often in a hurry to complete projects underway. But this haste puts your writing in peril, as your readers find words wilt on the page, unable to excite or engage. This course is beneficial for anyone who wants to freshen up skills, meet a muse or simply have more fun while writing, whether beginning, advanced or somewhere in between, no matter what genre you select.


Eileen "Ike" West

Eileen ‘Ike' West, MA, is a professional writer specializing in the compilation and presentation of research in the field of health and wellness.

Course Outline

1. Overview of tools to stretch, tease, tone - and otherwise awaken - the writer’s mind

2. Explore the energy dynamics known to impact the mind during creative work

3. Study the differences between intuition, introspection and imagination and the importance of all three when the mind is engaged in writing

4. Summarize the artistic qualities of the mind exercised when finding a writer’s own unique voice

5. Practice, practice, practice – working to grow familiar with the tools discussed in the classroom, you are encouraged to continue practicing at home or work, until you've built a clear and active writer’s mind

W-R-I-T-E spelled out in literal block letters
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