What Makes India so Unique?

India is like no other country. Examine India's ancient culture, dating back 4,500 years ago, beginning with the Harappan civilization. Delve into such questions as:

  • How did racial discrimination lead to the caste system and what has perpetuated it?
  • Why did Buddhism flourish, then wither away?
  • Why does Indian culture conceive of time differently than Western civilization?
  • How can thousands of pilgrims bathe in such close quarters in the Ganges yet contract so few diseases?

These and other topics will stimulate your learning experience and appreciation of a distinctive culture.


C. Wayne Dawson

C. Wayne Dawson is the founder of Central Texas Authors, a collaborative literary group. Currently a writer and novelist, he previously was a history professor at Mt. San Antonio College.

mehndi designs on the back of a woman's hand with colorful saris in the background
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