Updating Your Resume for the New Economy

The pandemic is changing everything – and the new economy is stepping up with creative ideas, inventive solutions and lots of job opportunities. Have you updated your resume to reflect your latest achievements? Remote work assignments? You just might get a call from a recruiter, or have a friend suggest the perfect new job. But it’s not about typefaces and formatting. In this clinic, we’ll take a deep look at branding, headlines, competencies and achievement statements. We’ll create new ones and help you sharpen up the ones you have. Better content means better response. You will have recruiters calling YOU!

In this resume clinic, Jewell will cover:

  • How to customize your resume for the job you want
  • How to position your background as "perfect" for the job you are seeking
  • How to catch the eye of the recruiter
  • How to pack your resume with measurable achievements

Whether you have been furloughed or just watching for the next opportunity, be sure to attend this session. Through anonymous chat box questions, we will cover the special issues of each class member.

Class attendees can request a copy of the entire slide deck. Each participant is also eligible for a free, 30-minute Career Strategy Session by telephone.

Course Materials

Classes will be held on Zoom. You will receive an email shortly before the first class meeting with the access link and instructions.

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