Tennis Beginner I

Do you wish that you could learn to hit the tennis ball back and forth in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere? Do you know how to hit a backhand, a serve or a volley? Tennis is a life-long sport that can help get you in shape and can sooth your competitive spirit!
Each 2-hour class will feature hitting, drills and group instruction. You will learn the fundamentals of the stance, grip, shot preparation, forehand, backhand and the serve. No experience necessary.


Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson is a longtime sports teacher who has been teaching in the Austin area since 1994.


"Mr. Johnson did a wonderful job teaching us the fundamentals of tennis. He is knowledgeable, patent, and kind. I very much appreciate his advice and tips on learning the fundamentals of tennis." -summer 2017 student Kayla Ball

This class requires all participants to complete and sign a university Release and Indemnification Agreement before being considered enrolled in the class. Bring the completed form to the first class meeting and turn in to your instructor.

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Shadow of a tennis racket with a tennis ball
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