Spanish A

This course is an introduction to the Spanish language and culture; you will practice conversations, pronunciation, basic grammar, reading and writing about familiar topics. During this course, your understanding of Spanish will increase along with your confidence in using it in simple conversations. You will start your Spanish studies learning verbs in the present tense and working with reflexive pronouns.

For students with limited or no previous experience in Spanish. This is the first course in a sequence designed to develop competence in culture, speaking and writing and listening and reading comprehension in Spanish.

Class Objectives:

  • Identifying a person or thing 
  • Describing a person 
  • Stating nationality 
  • Finding out information 
  • Expressing degrees 
  • Identifying school subjects 
  • Describing teachers and courses 
  • Identifying other nationalities 
  • Agreeing and disagreeing 
  • Identifying school supplies 
  • Identifying articles of clothing & colors 
  • Identifying some types of stores & shopping 
  • Getting to school 
  • Identifying classroom objects & activities 
  • Discussing the "Spanish Club"

This course was formerly titled Spanish 1A.

Magnifying glass over the phrase "Do you speak Spanish" in Spanish