Smart Phone Photography: Tips and Techniques

Learn to better use your camera phone, so you can take advantage of the camera you always have with you. 

Class will begin with a quick introduction to the workings of your camera phone. We will explore composition and lighting and take time to take pictures.

The second half of class will be spent learning the instructor's favorite free camera apps. You will learn to remove content from an image, adjust contrast and brightness, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and more.

A list of the apps you will need to install will be emailed prior to class.

This course was formerly titled Camera Phone - The Camera Everyone Has With Them at All Times.


"The ten of us were truly relaxed and found it was easy to follow the instructor and she would patiently come to each of us when we needed personal attention! We all also enjoyed seeing pictures of her farm animals and used some of those to 'practice' our new techniques on." - Sue B, fall 2019 student

Before-and-after image of a peacock photoshopped for additional color and contrast