Sing and Play Guitar I

Learn how to play 3-4 specific songs, and sing and play them as a group with your class. With each song, you will explore two strumming and/or picking methods. Songs may include House of the Rising Sun, Wayfaring Stranger, as well as songs by the Beatles and Bob Dylan.

This is not a class for a complete beginner. You should know how to tune, read tablature and chord diagrams, and be able to play C, G, A, Am, E, Em, B7, D, Dm, and D7, and similar chords. You do not have to know how to read notes. There will not be any songs with bar chords. One of the methods introduced per song may be more difficult than the other; you will have a choice between the two methods. You may be expected to purchase sheet music from (between $3-5 each); we may also play public domain songs, which are free.


Jenny Reynolds

Jenny Reynolds has taught the Acoustic Core classes at the National Guitar Workshop.

Course Materials

Required equipment: Capo, guitar tuner, and an acoustic (not electric) guitar

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