The Silent Killer that Overthrew Empires

Epidemics are among the most under reported upheavals in human history and we are still measuring the way they have shaped our world. Explore how they crippled the Roman Empire while breathing life into Christianity; how they brought Chinese, American, and Middle Eastern empires to their knees, only to erect successors in their place. Find out how disease made white indentured servants more popular in New England, and black slaves in southern colonies.


C. Wayne Dawson

C. Wayne Dawson is the founder of Central Texas Authors, a collaborative literary group. Currently a writer and novelist, he previously was a history professor at Mt. San Antonio College.


"The instructor was very interesting and knows his material well. Was equally adept at interacting with attendees to answer their questions in the context of what he was talking about at the time. [What I liked most was] the tie-in between what was happening in the world at the time of each plague covered in the topic and the outcome for the parties involved." - Dale R, spring 2018 student

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