Scottish Country Dance

Enjoy socialization and great music with Scottish country dancing. This traditional dance is done in rectangular groups, with each pair of dancers moving through a series of figures (somewhat like square dancing).  Learn steps and basic figures danced to lively jigs and reels (fast tempo) and elegant strathspeys (slow tempo). Scottish country dancing is fun whether you have a lot of dance experience or none at all and is suitable for all ages. Come by yourself or sign up with a friend. 


Kate Walker

Kate has over 30 years of experience with Scottish country dancing. Since earning her teaching certificate from the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society in 2008, Kate has been a guest teacher at workshops in Canada and the US, in addition to continuing to dance and teach regularly in the Austin area.


This class requires all participants to complete and sign a university Release and Indemnification Agreement before being considered enrolled in the class. Bring the completed form to the first class meeting and turn in to your instructor.

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