The Savvy Senior Traveler

Are you looking at traveling more when you retire? According to a survey by England's Daily Mail newspaper, people "saw retirement as an opportunity to fulfill the travel dreams they've held for years, but haven't had time to carry out."

Seniors have the time and money to travel, but what are the hidden trapdoors? How do you navigate the world at 50? At 60? At 70 and beyond? Do you navigate it solo or in groups? We'll look at planning, safety, paperwork, discounts, and other facets of traveling in your golden years.

Join us, and bring your questions! Whether you are a senior or are planning on traveling with a senior, this class is for you!


Joy Owen

Joy Owen has both lived and traveled in Great Britain. With a passion for history and an adventurous spirit, she takes you along on a journey to Britain’s great cities and small villages.


"Joy Owen is a passionate instructor who is extremely knowledgeable about travel in general and travel in Great Britain. I highly recommend her courses for anyone interested in traveling. She gives many useful tips that are sure
to improve future trips."
-summer 2017 student Terri White

Older couple walking at a train station.
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