Retire Early and Travel Free

Have the time & money to travel as much as you want

This class is offered one time this year! If you’re near retirement, retired, re-tooling or changing careers, a student, or anyone who likes the idea of making additional income to support their travel dream and keep their retirement money in the bank, this class is for you. Learn over 200 ways to free vacations, fun work-trips & paid travel opportunities.

Gina Henry teaches in 90 cities nationwide & shows you how she affords to travel 12 months a year visiting over 90 countries & 48 states in the past 25 years. Earn FREE airline tickets, hotel nights, cruises, tours, car rentals, vacation meals, & more in the USA & worldwide!

  • Maximize Reward Miles & Points (worth more now than ever). 
  • How to get "Bumped" frequently & fly free. 
  • Volunteer for free vacations (a great way to future paid travel). 
  • Paid seasonal jobs worldwide. 
  • How to stay at resorts for free. 
  • Mystery shop & earn free hotels, income, & other travel perks. 
  • Get paid to drive & see the USA for free. 
  • Import & pay for your trip.    
  • If you speak English, you can teach conversational English (for a free vacation or make up to $90K/year). 
  • Earn a free tour, be a tour director or organize your own trips & go free. 
  • Start your OWN BUSINESS, the secret to having more time & income to travel & possible tax deductions. 
  • Write articles, shoot photos, blog.  
  • The best money-saving travel web sites & smart phone apps. 
  • How to avoid travel scams. 
  • The best places to retire & keep your money in the bank. 
  • Money-saving medical vacations. 
  • Tips on packing light, safe solo travel, family vacation bargains, & travel health & safety tips. 
  • The 7 effective ways to negotiate. 
  • The top 50 words to know in any language so you can travel anywhere. 

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Gina Henry

Gina Henry is a national speaker who helps people in their retirement and pre-retirement years find affordable travel. She has been taking free vacations for over 25 years, herself, traveling to 93 countries and all 50 states.

Course Materials

Please bring $15 paid to instructor in class for materials. You will receive Gina Henry’s 100-page Retire & Travel Free book which normally retails for $39.95 & provides all the companies, web sites & contact information you need to travel free.

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