Private Pilot Instruction

This lecture-based course covers all the material needed to pass the FAA private pilot computerized knowledge test. We'll cover the aerodynamic principles of flight, aviation weather, navigation, airport operations, airplane performance and systems, and human factors in aviation. We'll discuss what the flight training process entails and offer a special $119 discovery flight in one of Above and Beyond Aviation's aircraft.

Please note: there is a medical exam required to obtain a private pilot's license. Read more about the exam requirements on the Federal Aviation Administration website.


This class is taught by George Farris and Barb MacLeod.

Primary instructor GeorgeĀ is the owner of Above and Beyond Aviation and an FAA Certified flight instructor with over 11 years of teaching experience and 13,000+ hours of actual flight experience.

Barb has been an active flight instructor teaching the Informal Classes Private Pilot class for seventeen years. She specializes in primary flight training as well as basic aerobatics.


"I liked how the class was team taught. The different pilots had somewhat different perspectives and teaching styles. The instructors were knowledgeable." - summer 2018 student Steven L

Pilot operating system