Pocket Billiards (Pool) For Beginners I

Pool is a fun and social sport for all ages! Learn the proper set-up, including how to hold the cue stick, how to form a bridge, accurately hitting the cue ball and aiming. Choosing which ball to sink and pool table management will be introduced as well as the basics of how to hit angled shots, longer shots, touch shots and bank shots. This course will cover the games of call shot and 8-ball.

Each 2-hour class will feature at least one hour of instruction and approximately one hour of playing time with coaching/instruction. No experience or equipment is necessary.


Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson is a longtime sports teacher who has been teaching in the Austin area since 1994.


"Loved Slick Willie’s as the location. Great individual feedback to unlearn bad habits."  - Nancy L, fall 2018 student

This class requires all participants to complete and sign a university Release and Indemnification Agreement before being considered enrolled in the class. Bring the completed form to the first class meeting and turn in to your instructor.

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A cue stick and a ball
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