Personal Safety for Adults with Disabilities - Aimed at Adults with IDDs

Parents of adults with disabilities ultimately want the same things as their children- increased independence and high quality life. With that emancipation often comes a wave of concern. Adults with disabilities should privy to the same dignity of risk taking that all of us enjoy and this class will explore how to flex their muscles of independence in the safest way. There is, of course, no guarantee but learning how to navigate the world around us can help keep us safer. This class will explore safety from the many angles of independence- relationships, transportation, work, and housing. Students will learn to identify helpers in the community and how to make informed decisions to keep themselves secure. Professional guest speakers will help guide the conversations. This class will be informative but not at the expense of fun-filled learning.

For each class, students with IDDs may be dropped off at the UT Littlefield Café to socialize for 30 minutes with each other and screened volunteer students from UT.  Students will then participate in an interactive discussion about the topic for the day in the Biomedical Engineering (BME) building across from the café. Here they can follow along with handouts of class slides and bring in their homework to discuss with their peers. Lastly, students will complete simple but fun projects. Families can pick up their student by the café at the end of each class.  Occasional student absences are acceptable due to vacations and illnesses.

Please address all questions, including requesting information about available scholarships, to program coordinator Jon Pierce.
Phone: 512-529-9331


Lucy Barber

Lucy Barber took the position of art instructor at The Arc of the Arts, a gallery and studio for adults with developmental disabilities (IDD), in the summer of 2013. Prior to that, she worked for three years at Austin Travis County Integral Care as a job coach and independent living skills trainer for adults with IDD. She received her BFA from Emerson College in Boston with a degree in writing, literature, and publishing. Lucy has loved being able to incorporate creative writing into the curriculum at The Arc.

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