Network to a Job You Love

Everyone tells you networking is the key to finding jobs in the “hidden job market.” But how do you get started? Who are good people to network with? Instructor Catherine Jewell, who is the author of New Resume, New Career, will reveal how you can sharpen your networking focus and go beyond “making friends” to finding new job opportunities – both inside your own company and in a whole new industry. This fast-paced session will cover:

  • Why most networking doesn’t work
  • How to bring “intellectual gifts” to a networking exchange
  • Why clients and vendors can often help you to your next job
  • Turning friendly conversation into a savvy business exchange
  • The 5 most important people to start networking with
  • What to do if you are offered a job on the spot

What this program gives that others do not:

  • Actual language you can use to convince complete strangers to have a networking session with you. We give you the words to say.
  • What is the “magic” word that gets people to open up? 

Course Materials

Bring $5 to class for the workbook. The instructor has her own books available for sale in class for $5-$15. You may wish to bring cash, check or credit card to buy additional materials. Bring your laptop or tablet computer so that you can login and fully participate.

Two men shaking hands