Let Food Be Your Medicine

There's an explosion in empirical studies on connections between dietary choices and the systemic inflammation that characterizes chronic disease. Having used an imperfect diet instead of chemotherapy to reverse her own disabling disease, registered dietitian Deirdre Earls will give you a practical understanding of the healing power of food within a busy lifestyle. Learn quick and easy meals, how food can create and reverse disease, common threads of success across many healing diets, and which way of eating is validated by research to best optimize long-term health.  


Deirdre Earls

Having reversed her own disabling disease with nutrition instead of chemotherapy, Deirdre Earls has been a featured speaker and nutrition expert for organizations such as The National Psoriasis Foundation, NPR and Fox TV, medical professionals, universities and corporations. Her books, consultations and lectures provide dietary guidance that emphasizes natural healing with food for those with busy lifestyles.

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“Very informative. Tied many things together.”

A balanced meal
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