Landscape Design Studio: Class I and II

Building upon the introductory class Native Plant Gardening: Small-Lot or Large-Scale Landscape Design, this course will allow you to take the principles and skills you acquired and apply them in a studio environment. The majority of class time will be spent working on your designs, while the instructor provides you with individual assistance throughout the day. After the first class, you will be asked to continue working on your concepts and develop them further for the next meeting. The second class will begin with an informal sharing session to respond to and learn from one another’s processes. The rest of the day will again be focused on producing your individual designs. A part of the class time will be spent in showing you ways to communicate your designs simply without prior drafting or drawing skills.


Patricia Michael

Patricia Michael, MFA, trained first as a fine artist in painting, drawing and print making. She then taught architectural design, interior design and visual arts and sculpture.

A bee on a yellow flower.
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