Journals and Memoirs: Writing Down to the Soul

Memoirs are autobiographical writings that present an overview of one's life from a later perspective in time. Journals become the solid base of good memoir writing, with diary excerpts serving as fodder for getting down to the soul. Now popular among young and old, journal and memoir writing proves effortless and fun when the right techniques are known. Journal and memoir writing is not just for the rich and famous, anybody is welcome to dabble in this art.

Some people write for their children and grandchildren, to pass down family history. Others keep journals and compile memoirs to bring life and growth into focus for themselves. No matter what the reason, it is best to start the work of writing by learning simple, easy to use guidelines and tools that result in journals and memoirs that are interesting and fun to read, even hundreds of years later. Join Ike West and discover how to reveal your soul and the matchless qualities you bring to life by writing memoirs!


Eileen "Ike" West

Eileen ‘Ike' West, MA, is a professional writer specializing in the compilation and presentation of research in the field of health and wellness.

Course Materials

Must bring own journal, pen, lead and colored pencils to write in class.

Person holding pencil in hands on top of a blank journal
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