Japanese: Beginner II

If you took Japanese for Beginners or you have studied the language sometime in the past and need a refresher, this intermediate class is for you. Continue to build your vocabulary and learn a little more complex grammatical elements, phrases of the Japanese language as well as elements of Japanese culture. 

As you learn the language, you will also develop knowledge, appreciation and understanding of the Japanese culture and people. By the end of the course, you will be able to construct your own sentences and carry conversation using complex patterns and be ready for your adventure! 

Basic Japanese grammatical knowledge is required to attend this class.


Risa Ginther

Risa Ginther believes that language learning is also cultural learning. With more than 20 years of experience in language teaching, and as a learner of a language herself, she understands the challenges and rewards that language learning takes. She is ready to take you on a journey to Japan in the classroom.  

Course Materials

If you did not take the Japanese for Beginners course at Informal Classes, please purchase and bring to class: Japanese for Busy People (Romanized Version) by Association for Japanese Language Teaching (AJLT), Revised 3rd Edition

"Teacher" in Japanese.