Get Paid to Be a Tour Guide

During this challenging economic time and our low currency exchange rate, United States tourism is booming and tour directors are in high demand. Travel and tourism, the world's fastest growing industry, is an $8 trillion business and relatively recession proof. If you love to travel, you can earn a healthy salary as a tour director and lead tours for major tour companies on a part- or full-time basis. Alternatively, you can take free tours by marketing trips for tour companies or designing trips for friends, family or groups. Learn about:

  • specific qualifications tour companies and tour clients seek
  • five easy ways to land a job in the tour industry
  • how to start your own tour company with little investment
  • techniques for designing first-rate tours
  • negotiating group discounts
  • tour director salaries
  • 101 ways to promote your tour and make it successful

Instructor Gina Henry has traveled to over 80 countries and 40 states teaching English for over 20 years. For more instructor information, go to



Gina Henry

Gina Henry is a national speaker who helps people in their retirement and pre-retirement years find affordable travel. She has been taking free vacations for over 25 years, herself, traveling to 93 countries and all 50 states.

Course Materials

Please bring $15 materials fee (payable in class) includes Gina’s 50-page resource book (a $29.95 value) providing the names, phone numbers and websites of all the contacts you need. 

Get Paid to Be a Tour Guide
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