French: Conversation I

If you have never studied French or even if you have and don't feel confident speaking, this is the course for you. The content is based on your interests and on situations you'll encounter first while traveling or engaging in basic communication. Asking for directions and understanding the responses, ordering food and wine, shopping vocabulary, numbers and time are some of the topics we'll cover. Your only prerequisites are your willingness to laugh and have fun with the language.

This class is for débutants, beginners.

Course Materials

Please bring $10 material fee for the handouts that will be used for the class.


"The teacher is awesome! She is not only very knowledgeable about French, but she is an excellent teacher! Every week, she drilled us on the current topics, and then the next week, she would drill us again. This is a very effective way to learn the basic language skills. I say this having taken 5 other courses in French at another local institution, where, by the second course, I felt in way over my head, and it never got much better at that institution.... With just this one 6-week course from Judy, I believe I will be able to get around without too much embarrassment in France, and not experience those "deer in the headlights" moments I suffered after 3 courses at that other institution! Tres bien!"  - Marilyn F, fall 2018 student

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