Fingerpicking Guitar I

In this class you will learn acoustic guitar picking patterns such as arpeggios and a basic cyclical pattern, and then work on Travis picking (like in “The Boxer”). The class is based on folk, blues and popular music; you will learn how to apply these patterns to particular songs.

You should be able to play open form chords (G, Em, C, Am, B7, D, D7, Dm, E, A, A7) including F (4-string form is fine). These patterns are meant to accompany vocals, so be ready for a little singing. Material will be presented for those who read music and for those who do not.

You will need an acoustic guitar, a tuner and a capo. Above all get ready for fun!


Jenny Reynolds

Jenny Reynolds has taught the Acoustic Core classes at the National Guitar Workshop.

Course Materials

Students should bring an acoustic guitar, a capo, a tuner, a spiral notebook, and a pencil or pen.


"The instructor's enthusiasm for the subject and her ability to teach to a group while making sure everyone was having fun.  It's hard with a group class to give individualized instruction, but Jenny tried her best to make sure all were getting it."  - John C, fall 2018 student

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