Find Your Passion, Find Your Perfect Work

Do you love your work? Would you do it even if you didn't need to earn a living? Research shows that up to 80% of American workers are in the wrong job, causing stress that is harmful to health and emotional well-being. Everyone deserves the perfect work. In this session, you'll learn techniques to find your passion. The workbook provided includes surveys and exercises to help you discover your perfect work, or Career Passion®. Innovative suggestions will allow you to re-frame and reposition your work in order to gain greater satisfaction.

Class attendees also receive a certificate worth $350 for a free, 30-minute Career Review by telephone.


Catherine Jewell

Catherine Jewell is passionate about helping everyone get a job they love. She focuses her practice on helping salaried professionals double their incomes.


"I was worried that 3 hours could go by very long and it could be potentially a little boring but Mrs. Jewell did a great job keeping everyone engaged and participating."  - Nathan R, spring 2018 student 

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