The Divine Art of Meditation: Meditation and Visualization Techniques for a Healthy Mind, Body and Soul

The practice of meditation is becoming increasingly common among people from all walks of life. It is being encouraged in high-level corporate sessions, during coffee breaks and before academic tests and sports competitions.

In The Divine Art of Meditation class, you will learn thirteen different meditation and visualization techniques including mantra meditation, single-object meditation, Metta meditation, mindfulness of the present moment, and creative visualization. Each class will consist of a blend of multimedia-based lectures, relaxation video clips, and two new meditation techniques per class.

The content of this class is based on the instructor's book, The Divine Art of Meditation: meditation and visualization techniques for a healthy mind, body and soul, which is the result of almost a decade of research on the subject of meditation.

Dr. Christopher Buck, author of Religions Myths and Visions of America, says Masumian’s work " tomato bisque for the soul ... the author shows how these techniques, done singly or in combination, promote peace of mind, comfort, confidence, strength, wisdom and self-empowerment for the benefit of self and others, all with scientific evidence of meditation’s powers to uplift body and mind."


"The instructor blew away the mystery and obfuscation of meditation, making its practice practical and its benefits attainable." – Kamal A, spring 2019 student

"Mrs. Farnaz Masumian is a fantastic teacher. Not only she is very competent in the topic but also she practices what she teaches which gives her absolute credibility. I will definitely look forward to take more classes with her in the future." – Goran D, spring 2019 student