Austin Art - Aimed at Adults with IDDs

Have you ever seen the Hi, How Are You Mural by the University of Texas and wondered who made this? Or passed the Umlauf Gardens on your way to chill at Barton Springs and wanted to know more about why it has such a crazy name? In this class all these questions will be answered as we explore Austin artists and the works that make our town so great! Each class we will discover local artists and their works throughout Austin’s history. After each discussion, we will create our own artworks inspired by local artists and styles. The semester will conclude with a gallery show, where students will show off their local artist knowledge and their own artworks inspired by the city we love!

For each class, students with IDDs may be dropped off at the UT Littlefield Café to socialize for 30 minutes with each other and screened volunteer students from UT.  Students will then participate in an interactive discussion about the topic for the day in the Biomedical Engineering (BME) building across from the café. Here they can follow along with handouts of class slides and bring in their homework to discuss with their peers. Lastly, students will complete simple but fun projects. Families can pick up their student by the café at the end of each class.  Occasional student absences are acceptable due to vacations and illnesses.

Please address all questions, including requesting information about available scholarships, to program coordinator Jon Pierce.
Phone: 512-529-9331


Judith LeBlanc

Judith LeBlanc received her B.F.A. in Art History and her M.Ed. in Special Education from the University of Texas at Austin. She is deeply committed to working with individuals with disabilities.

Course Materials

Please note: Bring a $20 fee to the first class meeting which will be paid to the instructor to cover the cost of guest artists, food and materials.

former students from the adults with IDDs program
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