American Sign Language (ASL) II

Continue your journey into the world of American Sign Language by building on what you learned during Introduction to American Sign Language or ASL 1.  Learn about different places, activities, how to sign short stories, describe personalities and communicate about money.  

Course Materials

If you still have your whiteboard, eraser, and pen from ASL I, please bring $15 for materials to the first class. If you need a new whiteboard set, please bring $20 to the first class for materials.


"The instructor is excellent. All teachers, even if you are not interested in ASL, would benefit from observing her teaching methods - she breaks up the material and keeps all students engaged regardless of ability and level." - Warren S, fall 2019 student

"The instructor was very patient and fun to learn from. The class exceeded my expectations, and I learned more than I thought I would. I looked forward to attending class each week." - Lori D, fall 2019 student

ASL Manual Alphabet